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50 facts about St. Mikes in 4... ermm 5 Minutes

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Making this video watch much more difficult than I expected! But I had so much help! I sent out one email and soon I was getting facts from left and right from all sorts of different departments! It was great. Even over the summer professors were so willing to help out I am so grateful to everyone who contributed.

Like I said in the beginning of the video, I was inspired to make this video by the vlogbrothers on youtube. They are a pair of my favorite vloggers ever and I was so excited to make a video inspired by them. If you don’t have a youtube account you should get one and if you do have a youtube account you should not only subscribe to me but to them as well! Youtube has so much to offer! It is way more than funny videos! It is a world of user generated amazing content that can be addicting and I love it.

The plan was for this video to be only 4 minutes, but I failed. The facts were long and seemed to be tongue twisters. Part of my inability to speak quickly and clearly may have been due to the fact that I filmed this video from about 11:30 pm to 1:30 am! I had some major trouble with the Giants fact, I think it took me about 45 minutes to get it right!

So I decided to list all the facts here so you can read them over if you want! I also included tons of links so if a fact intrigued you, you can now get more information about it. If there isn’t a link and you want to learn more just comment on this or on the video and I will get back to you with information or a place where you can go!

Here are the 50 facts:

1. 31 majors. 37 minors.

2. 28 intramural teams.

3. 21 varsity teams

4. 100% of students at St. Michael's college are offered on campus housing for all four years (more info here

5. The student body represents 38 states and 13 countries.

6. SMC was founded in 1904

7. That year 34 boys enrolled from ages 10 to 22.

8. The tuition was $105

9. SMC was all male until 1970

10. The class of 2013 entered with a 50:50 ration for male to female students.

11. Today there are around 2000 undergraduate students.

12. There is a 12:1 student to faculty ratio.

13. There are 151 full time faculty members.

14. St. Mike's Fire adn rescue responds to emergencies both on and off campus.

15. They are also 1 of only 2 squads in New England run entirely by students (More info about them here:

16. Every Friday and Saturday night from 11pm to 1 am free food is served on the freshman quad.

17. St. Michael's College is the only Edmundite college in the world. (more about the Edmundites here:

18. Over 70% of students participate in a MOVE activity by the time they graduate.

19. Only at St. Michael's college can you pay $30 for a season pass to Smugglers Notch Mountain (

20. For $30 you can also see any show that comes through the Flynn center for the arts in Burlington. (

21. In a class offered called “Canadian National Politics” you get to visit Ottawa and meet with members of Canadian Parliament.

22. Every winter and spring break over 100 students take part in an extended service experience. From Immoaklee Florida, to Kanab, Utah. (

23. You have the same mail box number for all 4 years.

24. For just $4 dollars you can wash and dry your laundry without leaving your housing.

25. 100% of student athletes graduate in 4 years.

26. Burlington the city closest to St. Mikes was named the healthiest city in the US by the Center for Disease Control.

27. Your student ID also known as your knight card student id not only gets you into the dining hall it also acts as a debit card and a bus pass making it easy to get to downtown Burlington and have a great meal! (

28. Every Student must take a first year seminar but the topics vary greatly from Peace & Justice to Solving Environmental Problems and even Politics of Food.

29. 95% of students receive need-based financial aid.

30. Our tennis courts are purple because our colors are Purple and Gold!

31. Environmental Studies is the newest major on campus

32. Computer Science major - In the past two years (May 2009 and 2010) we’ve had 100% job placement or grad school placement of our grads. This is impressive given that the economy has been terrible. (

33. The library is open until 1:00 am on weeknights making the library open about 105 hours a week.

34. The library archives include medieval manuscripts and saints’ relics.

35. English major Jamie Gorton's marriage proposal to his girlfriend at the end of his speech at graduation 2010 went was very popular right here on YouTube...

36. Saint Michael’s was once the pre-season training site for the New York Giants of the National Football League. From the late 1950’s to the early 1960’s, the then-World Champion Giants used to stay on campus and practice on our 5,000–seat football field, located on what is now the 300’s Field. Their locker room was in the basement of Alumni Hall. The players were very visible in those days, spending their free time in downtown Burlington and Winooski, and surrounding areas, visiting hospitals, etc. To this day, there is a very strong fan base for the Giants here in Chittenden County, as a direct result of having the team here during that time.

37. Saint Michael's College is one of the few private colleges in the nation to have a professional equity theatre in residence on campus. (

38. The 1999 men’s hockey team won our school’s only national championship and the head coach and captain from that team now work for Saint Michael's College. That says something about our school’s pride and personality.

39. Rugby is our most popular club sport.

40. A St. Mike’s professor has been teaching an all online course for the Applied Linguistics Department for 10 years and has had students from 5 continents (all except Australia and Antarctica). It is famous among the professionals in the field but it’s not well-known on campus. (

41. The Purple Knight became the College’s official mascot in 1947, selected by a balloting of the student body. Prior to that time, Saint Michael’s athletic teams were known by a number of different nicknames – predominantly The Michaelmen or The Hilltoppers.

42. Member of the class of 2012, John Bock, broke the world record for the longest consecutive play in a first person shooter game on X-Box live while raising money for cancer research by playing Call of Duty for 50 hours straight! (Here is an article about it

43. U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy ’61 competed with the riflery athletes while at Saint Michael’s.

44. Additionally the riflery athletes used to call themselves Nimrods. Meaning – once upon a time, you could have walked up to Pat Leahy and called him a nimrod, and he would have thanked you for the compliment…

45. You can rent snowshoes anytime from Wilderness during the winter! (Here is more info about the Wilderness program:

46. An Alumni survey revealed that FIVE YEARS after graduation, of those who were ALREADY married, about 40% had married either someone who they met directly at SMC or someone who they met through someone at SMC. (my parents would count in that category…)

47. Bennie Borgmann, a member of the Original Boston Celtics who is enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame, coached basketball at Saint Michael’s in the late 1940’s.

48. The Fine Arts Department has Theatre majors who sing, dance, weld, stage manage, design, act, direct, write original plays, build flats, sew costumes, hang lights, study dramatic literature, and delve into theatre history all at the same time!

49. There is a bat that lives in the theatre on campus. He has been known to make appearance during performances but rarely shows up during rehearsals and he has never caused harm to anyone but has drawn attention from performances!

50. Students and alumni agree that there are a number of haunted buildings and rooms on campus and although this fact cannot be proven indefinitely. Honest to God my light turned out all on its own when I was filming this fact!)

It is tiring just looking at that list! Well that is all I really have to say about that! Keep watching my videos! Please rate comment and subscribe etc! I do hope you are having an enjoyable summer!

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